“Transformational Travel”

“Transformational Travel”

Have you ever thought about running away from home to take the time to reflect and reset your “life button” again?

Kids runaway to escape the confines of home but as adults, we can actually use the experience to run towards our HOME, our true selves.

Cheryl: “When we talk about transformational travel, it’s travelling outside of you, back to yourself, it’s coming home again.”

Travel allows us to get in touch with different sides of ourselves that may not manifest themselves as we go about our usual daily routines.  We get to disconnect from the challenges brought upon us from work, family or friends.

When we become immersed in new experiences, our ability to open up to the abundance of opportunities this world has to offer expands and a personal transformation has room to grow.

Cheryl: “It’s about transforming ourselves; you can make those decisions and make it happen…you need the intention behind it and want that purpose…It’s amazing what can happen…we can all have those “AHA” moments…a lot of it has to do with purpose and passion…when you follow your passion and purpose that’s when the magic happens.”

New adventures, integrating into a different culture, learning a new language, meeting new people, discovering new things push us out of our comfort zones.  It’s in that space of discomfort that the magic happens! It’s called the AHA moment.

Cheryl, Ramona, Bhaskar, Gail.

Cheryl: “I know I had that aha moment, I was at a retreat in Kapalo …I didn’t really know what I wanted to do…It was a sign divinely guided, a truck passed me by with Besner written on it and I followed this…to the yoga retreat…it was crystal clear that’s where I should be…I came out of a meditation… I started to cry with a smile on my face, going I’m here, I’m exactly where I wanna be and I know that I’m in the right direction…a year later Solo in the city happened…” 

Gail: “After my separation…I was struggling… got down to St Lucia and day by day; I was just taking little pieces of the puzzle and putting them back together…we have so much trouble investing in ourselves…I decided this is an investment, I’m doing this for me, and I’ve taken care of everyone all my life, now this is about me…It’s such a good feeling when you get that AHA moment inside; it’s not something that you can really explain to somebody, it’s something that you live.” 

Bhaskar: “The first AHA moment, I was in my early 20’s, I met this yoga master…I just couldn’t believe a human being could be built that way…I was so impressed…the energy he had around him…he made life look effortless…and I realized there is another level to living which was really thriving and that’s when I really went much deeper into this ancient wellness practice called Yoga.”

So, why is it so important to be in another place and to take our self out of that comfort zone?

Gail: “When you go to a destination, you have seven days and you can start putting into practice the things that you’re learning and the connections that you’re making.”

Bhaskar: “Retreats take you out of your comfort zone and put you into this environment where there’s more innocence, there’s more receptivity and openness…it creates a conducive environment for those aha moments to take place…where you see yourself as you are.”

Travel can reset our mind boosting our creativity and confidence allowing us to return home feeling refreshed, inspired and re energized.

Bhaskar: “There are times when the current is right to move proactively and times to be receptive…it’s tuning into that dance…it requires an immense amount of stillness and presence…you work with the force not against it.”

The word “reTREAT” embodies the desire to “TREAT” ourselves to new experiences and allows us to RETREAT into the depths of our authenticity.

Cheryl: “I traveled a lot on my own…I felt so inclusive…it was something extraordinary because people bond together and you’re able to be in that moment with those people where you’re so completely disconnected on a certain level and so connected on such a deep level because there’s something going on within you that is open in a space like that…” 

Although at times, it can be challenging, confusing, and perhaps even lonely, these uncomfortable feelings allow us to strengthen our relationship with ourselves which is really the most important one in life.

Coming face to face with ourselves can also be enlightening, as we see who we are reflected by the strangers we meet on our solo journey. Pack  light and leave your masks at home!

Bhaskar: “It’s beautiful to see complete strangers come together and the masks fall off and you see this incredible being hidden back there…my role it’s to create a space where opportunity arises…we never prescribe anything…the more you engage the more possibility there is for something incredible happening…We create an occasion where people can be themselves, look after themselves in body mind and spirit…”

Gail: “I did many retreats on my own…when I started allowing people to join me, I got the chance to observe them at the same time…watching them expand, grow and evolve…almost like a reflection happening…” 

When we take that time to slow down and reflect, we’re able to take a closer look at certain patterns and choices that we have been making through our life.

Recognizing our patterns and dealing with our limiting beliefs enables us to make positive changes. One step at a time, we create the foundation for our lives to be the one we are meant to live.  It’s never too late to change certain things that allow us to align our mind body and soul. We are in charge of our own happiness.

Cheryl: “When you’re on your own, you put yourself out there differently, plus you take in different energy and you also get surrounded by different people… it’s all about alignment …when we put ourselves in line with what our purpose is, it happens…people say you can’t change…but we can change the way we react to things…and we can also change the way we receive and give.”

Bhaskar: “If you just stay in the circle of your comfort zone, not much can happen…the magic happens just out of your comfort zone.”

Gail: “Transformational travel got me back on track…and I share it with others…this is the best modality for allowing people to go within themselves and find their strength.”

Travelling is not running away from our problems and sometimes, exactly what is needed to put things in perspective. Our physical destination changes, but any emotional baggage that we may have travels along with us. A change of scenery often amplifies this “baggage” and we can then face it head and hands on without our usual distractions.

Cheryl: “When we let things flow like water…that’s the true essence of living, it’s when we force that we shift the energy…It’s about finding out what your limited beliefs are and breaking your patterns…if you love your life your love life will happen…same for your work…you don’t have to force it, it just flows…”

As they say, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” Taking a break every now and then is essential and important in getting in touch with your soul. You have to love yourself and continuously work on being the best version of who you are. This is your one way ticket home!

Cheryl: “When you’re going on a transformational retreat, I really suggest going alone…to allow yourself that space, to feel uncomfortable in that zone…that’s when you grow…” 

We’re not meant to stay stuck in one spot. We have to get out there, outside of self, beyond ego, traveling beyond our physical being and explore life and expand ourselves. Every day that we rise, we have a choice to make, a destination to get to and decisions that can allow us to hit the road to better our lives. Book your journey with yourself … make it a trip of a lifetime because that’s exactly what it is.

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