“Love and Laughter”

“Love and Laughter”

How important is laughter in your love life?  For many, a partner with a good sense of humor is a top priority and considered a very attractive and necessary attribute to possess.

Laughter is by far the best medicine, costs nothing and yet has endless benefits in your life. The combination of both can be the greatest recipe for a long lasting and successful relationship.

Cheryl: “How important is laughter in your relationship?”

Alonzo: “I have to be with a woman with a sense of humor, I mean that’s a given because…comics, we’re not funny all the time…if you’re around us all the time, at times we can be very serious and at times we are morbid…it’s just part of the makeup…comedy comes from society looking at relationships, at situations, and you take what’s negative and you make that funny, so yeah it’s important to be able to laugh.” http://www.alonzobodden.com/

Laura Kurtz, a social psychologist from the University of North Carolina Kurtz set out to figure out the laugh-love connection by collecting 77 heterosexual pairs (154 people total) who had been in a relationship for an average of 4 years. After many tests with her team, each couple also completed a survey about their relational closeness. The result according to Kurtz was “In general, couples who laugh more together tend to have higher-quality relationships,” she says. “We can refer to shared laughter as an indicator of greater relationship quality.

 Alonzo: “Humor is important, making people laugh…there are people that I really love to make laugh.” 

Susie: “At the end of the day, you want something that’s stimulating and laughter is very important and so is chemistry and you have to have a little more than everything.”

It has been proven in many studies that the good chuckle makes you feel better mentally and physically. Its food for your soul and FREE with no added preservatives! When you’re happy, you give off good energy which will attract people to you. Funny is the new SEXY and SMART!

Alonzo: “Part of how I communicate is laughter and what’s funny. I love women who make me laugh, I love people who can make me laugh, and there are women that make me laugh, I love smart women.”

Susie: “At this stage in life, every day is a gift and I love to laugh and meet people.”

Has it ever happened that you hear a person laugh and it immediately puts you in a good mood?  That’s because smiles and laughter are both contagious. The Dalai Lama https://www.dalailama.com/ once said “I have been confronted with many difficulties throughout the course of my life, and my country is going through a critical period. But I laugh often, and my laughter is contagious. When people ask me how I find the strength to laugh now, I reply that I am a professional laugher.”

Cheryl: “They say the only thing better than seeing somebody smile, is knowing that you put that smile there, having participated putting that smile there.”

Cheryl, Vlad, Ramona.

Injecting a little humor into your daily relationship will help it to “surthrive”.  It helps the balance as well when the couple has to overcome the challenging times and conflicts that arise during the course of any relationship. If you can laugh off the black clouds that life throws at you, that’s an added blessing.

Humor can improve your communication and often lighten a tense situation, and even resolve an argument.  A good joke is also a great first date “ice breaker”.

Alonzo: “In comedy, we always joke that if you wanna hit on a woman, you have 45 minutes from when you leave the stage, because for that time, she thinks you’re the coolest guy, an hour later you’re just another guy.”

NOTE TO YOU DATERS OUT THERE… this reinforces my 45 minute first date rule as well as first impressions are important!!

Laughter between a couple is like having a secret language that can instantly give you a moment of affection and intimacy where only the two of you  “get it” and  the world around you doesn’t exist.

Alonzo: “The tough thing with being a comic with women, especially really attractive women who I happen to like, a lot of women can’t handle a man being the center of attention…so when we go out …there are times, where they don’t wanna share you…some women understand what I do, some don’t.”

Alonzo, Cheryl, Susie, Ramona.

Cheryl: “In a relationship, you want to support that other person, you want to encourage them to be all that they want to be and be the best version of them and appreciate it. Part of the balance in relationships is finding how to make that work.”

So here is a little assignment for the week to test the theory of smiles and laughter being contagious….I want you to walk down the street each day, get into an elevator or stand in a cue at Starbucks, look people in the eye and smile, a big toothy million dollar smile. I guarantee the same will be returned!

Like attract likes. I truly believe if you love your own life and are happy within yourself, you will attract that same energy, drawing happiness to you! We have one life to live, make it a happy life. LIVE LOVE LAUGH!

If you have time this week, check out the ethnic show in Montreal at the Just for laughs http://www.justforlaughs.com/ festival. It’s a great place for a “date night out”. If you miss out, make sure to check it out at some point in the future. It’s definitely worth the “laughing out loud”!!

If you need any dating advice, please do not hesitate to reach out to me 1-844-744-SOLO (7656)

Cheryl xo



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