Dating Advice

Dating Advice

So it’s a New Year and we have some lofty goals for meeting someone special. It would seem we have to do something a little different then last year if we are to make it happen this year. Here are a few tips for dating in 2016 that might come in handy!

New Year Relationship Tips

-Cheryl xo


Ramona Meghdadi


  1. Hi Cheryl
    Happy New Year ! I wish you lots of health,happiness,prosperity
    I’ve seen you on a few dating sites myself but never made contact we’re also fb friends so I’m reaching out to you now cuz I read your post and it was very interesting ….. You also have a nice car in one of your photos and are also very attractive so my question here is would you like to go on a date with me ? :))
    P.s the car is not what I find attractive here 🙂 lol

  2. So it’s been a while and I’m feeling like the divorce that’s stopped dating after her do u just start? I like to bw invited by the types I’d like to date …but they don’t invite nor show interest ….im looking for let’s become friends see our compatibility level interests intimacy is born out if friendship at our age my opinion …but none of this is happening .?what do I make it happen Cheryl? I like teachers white ?cauc divorced counsellors in transition who are goal oriented still active good caring human attractive and want to find those lifetime friwnda we maje and keep in our midlife .what do u do to start friendship(s) compatible ?

  3. Sorry many typos hope u can make sense out of it .

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