Online dating vs. the old fashioned way

Online dating vs. the old fashioned way

Dating sites: There are so many to choose from. It’s kind of like being a kid in a candy store.

Plenty of Fish,, OKCupid, JDate, Christian Mingle, Date A Farmer (yes, it exists)…the list goes on and on! I’m not sure when things changed. Probably sometime in the last 12 years, while I was in a monogamous relationship. But in today’s day and age, if you’re looking for love and you’re not online dating, you’re made to feel as if there is something wrong with you.

Like many, I always thought that online dating was for shut-in, unattractive homebodies. Apprehensive at first, I tried it. That’s when I realized there were regular people online just like me. It’s not for everyone, but I’m a firm believer in giving things a shot…at least once.

664-coffee-hands-phoneTrust me, I’d love to meet my soulmate in the produce section at the grocery store, as we’re both reaching for the same shiny McIntosh apple, our eyes locking as fireworks explode throughout our bodies. But is this realistic? I know these stories do exist, but truth be told, your chances are probably better finding a match through cyberspace.

There are pros and cons to any dating avenue and one of the first challenges is finding one that works best for you. I’m not a dating expert, but I have had many dating experiences, including online. Some were good, some were great and others just plain horrible. You need to remind yourself to keep your options open.

[pullquote type=”left”]When was the last time you were able to talk to at least four guys in the span of 30 minutes without leaving the comfort of your own home?[/pullquote]My advice is to be honest and straightforward right out of the gate about what it is YOU want — a relationship, a hookup or just a FWB. This will save you a lot of time and energy. It’s way easier to be completely blunt about what you’re looking for when you’re sitting behind a keyboard, rather than face-to-face at a bar.

Another advantage to online dating is selection. Lots of it! When was the last time you were able to talk to at least four guys in the span of 30 minutes without leaving the comfort of your own home?

If you’re like me and ask a lot of questions, after a few messages back and forth, you may have an idea if you actually want to meet this person. It’s easy and most of the time, painless. I guarantee, it’s way better than that awkward blind date set up with your Aunt’s colleague.

Again, who doesn’t want that romantic fairytale about how you met, just like our parents and grandparents had? But the way you meet doesn’t define you as a couple. I mean, how cool would it be to tell your grandkids you met on Tinder after both swiping right?!

You have nothing to lose….good luck!

Lisa xo


Ramona Meghdadi

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